New Year, New You

As the New Year is rapidly approaching set aside some time to make the coming of 2014 about you. I encourage all readers to go out and reinvent yourself for just one day, you might surprise yourself with what might arise when forced to jump out of your comfort zone.

Practicing what I preach, with the help of this LT skirt I was able to create a grunge inspired look without having to build a whole new wardrobe.

LE TOTE style tips

 It’s winter in Florida so showing a little leg is appropriate. A knee-high leather boot paired with an LT black partyskirt gives this playful item an edge. For those in colder climates, pull on a pair of tights or patterned high socks for a subtle pop.

It’s amazing how many looks can be produced from one item of clothing and this proves to be true when it comes to this LT skirt. What other looks other than “grunge inspired” can be created? Make sure to heart this skirt so you can get it in one of your totes!

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