halloween costume ideas

 Running into the detrimental issue, WHO are you going to be for Halloween? Shh…that’s why we’re here.

Coming up with Halloween costumes can be difficult. Trust us. We understand. From deciding to be cyber punk aliens, months in advance, then switching ideas the week before to be vampires. We’re all over the place in the office when it comes to Halloween. But there is one thing we do know…pulling together last minute costumes is always possible. Here is what we came up with…




Alice in Wonderland
LE TOTE Blue Dress (option 2)
Black Headband or Ribbon
LE TOTE Pearls
White Knee high socks, or tights
Mary Janes
Minnie Mouse
LE TOTE Striped mini Dress/stripe maxi 2 (or all black 1, 2)
OR LE TOTE trapeze polka dot dress 
Minnie Mouse Ears (Target)
Red Lipstick Maybeline 14 hr
Black booties or Heels
LE TOTE Black Dress
Black Peacoat
Dark Maroon lips
Daring necklace
LE TOTE Spiked Earrings
Vampire teeth $14.99 from a local Halloween Costume Store
LE TOTE Tribal Dress
LE TOTE Geode Earrings
LE TOTE Necklaces 1 & 2
Headband or Ribbon worn straight across your forehead
Piece of leather around your upper arm
Moccasins or brown boots
LE TOTE Asymmetrical cream open back dress 
LE TOTE statement necklace
LE TOTE Earrings
Dramatic Cat Eyes, get daring and bring the cat eye inward towards the nose
Gold arm cuffs, snake inspired.  

LE TOTE signature

ps here’s a little coupon, but hurry the offer ends on the 31st at midnight!

Halloween LE TOTE coupon code LESPOOKY

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