One Skirt, 3 Ways


This houndstooth skirt is probably one of our favorite pieces from LE TOTE’s Fall arrivals so styling it three different ways wasn’t nearly as hard as we thought, but shh we didn’t tell you that. . .our jobs are always hard.

More importantly the key to changing up a “loud” item like this skirt is playing with the shape and color pallet. This skirt is high waisted, but don’t feel obligated to tuck in every shirt you wear with it, wear a loose fitting top, untucked, for a business appropriate but comfortable look. Adding a pop of color such as royal or bright blue makes this look interesting but classy. Finally black and white is a major theme this fall, so if you’re feeling up to it, stick with an entire black and white color scheme for the look!


Share how you style one item three ways by emailing or #letote on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest to share!

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